We are a registered non-profit organization since May 17, 2018. Unite for Prosperity in Africa was created to help the many people that are only living because of the support of others. We are working to give aid to those in need in Africa. We celebrate those who have a heart for helping others. We are seeking those who wish to volunteer and any sponsors who are willing to help support our projects, get involved, and help children and orphans because they are our future leaders. We recently acquired the 501(c)3 which allows us to accept donations. If you are willing to help the children in need, please click on the donate button in the menu. We hope that this will be the beginning of a new friendship and unity which is very important in our life, thank you. Many people in many countries in Africa and other 3rd world countries have had a history of poor health, inappropriate food, poor education, social injustice, and political instability. Poverty, illiteracy, and diseases have affected the people of these countries as a result. Our role is to work with government programs to reach the many children in need and improve the well-being of all people. Our organization keeps the best interest of each child as our primary focus. Some members of Unite for Prosperity in Africa have lived in places where there is inadequate protection or assistance for refugees. They know how the lack of quantity and quality of food and other goods increases the vulnerability of refugees and can lead to sexual abuse and exploitation. These are problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. We are working towards finding ways to ensure the protection of children from all forms of neglect, exploitation, and violence including sexual abuse. At Unite for Prosperity in Africa, we are committed to improving the living conditions which we hope will lessen the suffering, poverty, ill-health, illiteracy, and building a social-economic order which benefits all the people of the world.



some of us volunteer to buy food, clothes, shoes for orphans and children in some refugee camp in Africa have the highest number of orphans and children who need help for them to get food to eat and get clothes, shoes to put on, we also help poor families to buy food which is a way to give them enough food, shoes, and clothes, many children and orphans have only one pair of clothes and shoes, we are requesting those who have more clothes and shoes to join and help children and orphans in Africa.


this is so important because many places in Africa don’t have access to clean water which has caused the high death rates of people because the dirty water causes diseases like malaria, cholera, thyroid, bilharzia, etc., we wish to reduce this by creating clean water source and germs killing tablets like chlorine.


this is also very important many people in Africa are very poor to pay for their medical bills and this makes a large number fail to access medication and has caused a high death rate, we wish to reduce it by creating free medication in the hospital and paying medical bills for those who have failed to pay their medical bills.


This is very important but education in Africa is very expensive for everyone to manage since a large number of people in Africa are poor and we think that if they get access to education it can lead to development. We wish to solve this by creating free schools, finding scholarships for students, sponsors, creating vocation schools, and looking for more volunteers. This can make everyone in Africa access school.


we found out that it is hard for refugees to learn English here in the USA but the solution is they will be having teachers who know their local languages for easy learning because it is very important for every refugee in the US to know English as the first language of communication at work and others.


we shall be teaching local languages like Swahili, Lingala, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi to those who wish to know them because in some areas like business, interpretation, journals, missionaries, tourist it needs a person to be knowing more than two languages for easy communication, we are welcoming you to join and see in all our project the one you will support and we promise to be giving you all the reports on how the project is going, any help can help to change society for better standards of living.


We support refugees' youth talents because many refugees did not get the chance to use their talents so we do this to see if we can get those who are talented and help them and make their talents their own business to help them have a living.


We give good improved seed and teach good methods of the family which will give them enough food. and also teach them how to save food that will help them in times of hunger.

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